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Benefits to your company
FirstClass plays a significant role in enhancing the traditional communications flow within enterprise organizations. Company-driven or department-driven online conferences, discussions, projects, and other venues in which employees can fully participate can be created easily.

You can further motivate your employees through online implementation of:

- employee collaborative conferences
- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) conferences
- collaboration of work from remote locations
- local and international project collaboration among employees
- presentation tools
- word processing capabilities
- publication of newsletters and press releases.

Interdepartmental Benefits
Employees within a department can use FirstClass as a centralized location for:

- support materials
- knowledge sharing among experienced and new employees and managers
- topic-related information
- professional development
- working discussions among peers
- problem solving related to the department or projects.

Benefits to employees
Employees can receive numerous benefits from FirstClass. Aside from making use of the peer collaboration opportunities, they can obtain information about:

- technical developments
- announcements and holiday schedules
- stock information
- information plans
- policies and procedures
- calendars for company, departments, individuals
- how-to information
- employment opportunities within the company.

Benefits to Your Customers
Many businesses and professionals try to involve the customer in product discussions. When the customer is not local, this communication is usually achieved through conference calls and email.

Using FirstClass, communication among business professionals and customers can be improved through:

- topic-related conferences that customers can access with guest privileges
- online multimedia presentations that can incorporate audio, video, text, and graphics
- voice mail communication through FirstClass Unified Communications
- text-based discussion sessions that allow multiple people to communicate at the same time in a private forum.

Benefits to multiple offices
Using the Internet, FirstClass makes it easy for many people in a company to communicate easily, regardless of their location. FirstClass offers the ability for traveling employees to:

- log in from virtually any web browser, regardless of whether they are in the office, at home, in the air, or on the other side of the world
- retrieve voice, fax, and email messages from their Mailboxes
- browse staff conferences to keep up to date with the latest information
- view department conferences and contribute to them as if they are in the next office.