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Benefits to your curriculum
FirstClass can play a significant role in enhancing the traditional classroom experience. As educators, you can design curriculum-driven online conferences, discussions, projects, and other venues in which students can fully participate.

You can further motivate your students through online implementation of:

- student collaborative conferences
- student-to-student tutoring services
- private teacher-to-student assistance or a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) conference
- if students are hampered by disabilities or weather conditions
submission of homework online from remote locations
- local and international project collaboration among students
- presentation tools
- word processing capabilities
- galleries for publication of student work.

Benefits to faculty
Teachers and education administrators can use FirstClass as a centralized location for:

- curriculum and instructional support materials
- knowledge sharing among experienced and new educators and administrators
- school, district, and other teaching-related information
- best practices
- professional development
- working discussions between teachers and teaching colleges
- problem solving related to students.

Benefits to students
Students can use FirstClass as a centralized location to:

- obtain and submit homework and assignments
- obtain due dates for assignments and testing dates
- determine school announcements and holiday schedules
- collaborate with students on assignments and projects
- communicate with fellow students and teachers online outside of school hours
- access employment and other community information
- access resources through Internet mail lists and newsgroups.

Benefits to parents
Parents want to be involved in their children’s education. Through FirstClass, parents can obtain information about:

- parent organizations
- school announcements and holiday schedules
- report card information
- curriculum overviews
- homework
- due dates for assignments
- testing dates
- school services.

Parents can also participate in discussions about student progress.

Benefits to student career development
Many businesses and professionals in your community are eager to get involved and contribute to the advancement of the future workforce.

Through FirstClass, relationships between students and professionals in all business and academic fields can be successfully fostered. Professionals can be invited to provide:

- information about full-time and part-time student internships
- information about postgraduate employment
- FAQ discussions to address specific career queries
- résumé and interviewing tips and seminars
- reviews and feedback of student work from published writers, scientists, and business professionals.

Benefits to your local community
A school is just one member of a greater community. You can use FirstClass to provide noteworthy information to faculty, students, and parents concerning what is happening locally in your school and surrounding area. Some topics may include:

- community event calendars
- local television programming
- preschools and seniors homes
- parks and recreation resources
- local and regional government activities and resources
- volunteer agencies.

Benefits to the global community
The Internet has introduced excellent opportunities for schools to connect with the global community. Through FirstClass, you can expand your students' knowledge of international events by connecting them to:

- Internet mail lists and newsgroups
- educational communities around the world where students can learn about other cultures
- international news and information
- web sites for project research information.

Teaching online
One of your goals as a teacher is to encourage communication and collaboration among your students. FirstClass supports this goal with:

- folders for lessons and information
- work and discussion conferences
- email
- project-based learning
- calendars
- web publishing
- word processing
- online presentations feature
- newsgroups
- chat sessions.

In an online structure, you can offer students private assistance, post assignments, and correct homework with greater ease by not having to carry papers back and forth. Further, you can reach students who are physically or geographically unable to attend school. Physical absence will no longer prevent students from participating in the educational experience. As is the case for in-class students, distance learners will be able to interact both with teachers and their peers on a daily basis.