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fcLearnerPlan for FirstClass

fcLearnerPlan allows student learning plans to be managed entirely in Open Text's FirstClass. Great for student performance and Individualized Program Plan (IPP) management, fcLearnerPlan provides teachers and school administrators the ability to manage LearnerPlans accurately and quickly, anytime...anywhere!

fcLearnerPlan can be used district-wide, in multiple schools, with many staff and students - right from a single FirstClass Server.

Teachers can manage special needs students with the 'Facilitated Plan'. The ‘Facilitated Plan' is configured for provincial requirements and is typically referred to by several names depending on the jurisdiction of instruction. In Canada, most provinces refer to this specific documentation as a Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Individualized Program Plan (IPP). Administrators such as principals and district staff may be configured to manage and view multiple schools. Because fcLearnerPlan is a centralized system, students can be easily switched to other schools in the district without loss of historical information.

Given permission, students can work on a 'Personal Plan' and view staff documentation and comments. Using their Personal Plan students are able to work towards their Long-Term Goals and Short-Term objectives, achieving a greater success in education.

Plan Setup
Each learning plan uniquely configured for a student. The setup of the plan consists of identifying the staff and parent/guardian (Called Viewers) involved in the plan, as well as their permissions to access the fcLearnerPlan from FirstClass. As well, the plan may be configured to include a Facilitated section (for IPPs/IEPs), a Personal section (for student use), a document section (for file attachment to the plan), as well as a general comments section.

System Requirements
- Windows NT/2000/XP server running FirstClass 7.0+ Server Software
- FirstClass RAD Version 2.5+
- FirstClass Client 6.0+ running on Windows, Mac or Linux OS