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Millions of dollars are lost in public education every year due to inefficient and outdated reporting methods. Ensure your division has an accurate, simple and effective method for reporting student information to government and recieve the student funding you deserve.

Exploiting the ability to locate your FirstClass server at a central office, it is not necessary to provision a server for every school. As fcSchool is platform independent, it can be accessed from any Windows or Mac computer using the FirstClass client.

School Administrators
- View a comprehensive rollup of student and course stats
- Easily export information to any spreadsheet application
- Manage school course offerings
- Manage fcSchool preferences
- Manage my staff

- Manage my course marks
- Export marks to spreadsheet
- View my Students demographics and registrations
- Manage communications for my students
- Send “Not Handed In” task notification to students and supervisors
- Register and request courses for my students

Parents & Supervisors
- See my students registrations
- See course marks for my students
- View my students course Info
- Register and request courses for my students
- Update my students demographics

- See my registration
- View my course marks
- View course info
- Register and request courses
- Update my demographics

Support Staff
- Manage student registrations, both individual and batch
- Match student course requests with available courses
- Search for students based on a variety of criteria and easily export this list to any spreadsheet application - Manage student communications
- Develop reporting templates and use these templates to generate mailing labels, report cards, registration forms, student letters etc.
- Generate FirstClass student and supervisor accounts based on their registration criteria
- Manage course resources